Wed Oct 23 2019 10:32:24 CEST
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22 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
445 UPPAAL C Verifica marius NEW --- In the simulator the infimum_cost is changing strangly according to the rate Mon 10:18
495 UPPAAL C Verifica marius NEW --- Java UI client not responds to keyboard every few minutes since starup Mon 10:18
671 UPPAAL S GUI marius NEW --- Invalid axis label in simulation graph 2019-10-16
672 Web page Bugzilla marius NEW --- CCTV placement Sun 11:38
416 UPPAAL Engine marius ASSI --- segfault when scalar-indexed processes used with priorities Mon 10:15
409 UPPAAL GUI marius ASSI --- View->Variables... does not remember deselected variables Mon 10:16
410 UPPAAL GUI marius ASSI --- Text color on exported eps templates Mon 10:16
411 UPPAAL Engine marius ASSI --- "FATAL: kernel too old" followed by Segmentation fault Mon 10:16
414 UPPAAL Engine marius ASSI --- before_update/after_update in local declaration Mon 10:15
420 UPPAAL GUI marius ASSI --- Error on channel identifiers Mon 10:15
426 UPPAAL C Verifica marius ASSI --- Ignoring cost' annotations on synchronized processes Mon 10:14
550 UPPAAL C Verifica marius ASSI --- rate and then also cost going negative / overflowing / ... Mon 10:18
560 UPPAAL C Verifica marius ASSI --- Infimum_Cost rising to "-1073741823" Mon 10:19
643 UPPAAL S Engine marius ASSI --- Error (Bug: Ok expected) 2019-10-16
433 UPPAAL libutap marius REOP --- Empty system section causes 'syntax error, unexpected $end' in wrong place Mon 10:17
598 Web page Misc marius RESO FIXE Can't download Mon 10:20
603 Web page Misc marius RESO FIXE Help system is broken Mon 10:23
647 DBM debug marius RESO INVA Hacked by Turkish Hacker SpawN Mon 08:43
656 Build sy all marius RESO INVA Done Mon 08:41
663 Web page Misc marius RESO INVA NOC Specialist Mon 09:59
670 UPPAAL S GUI marius RESO DUPL Bug: Ok expected 2019-10-16
664 UPPAAL Yggdrasi petur RESO FIXE Yggdrasil can't generate test cases Mon 08:37
22 bugs found.