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Bug 16

Summary: The GUI should warn about unsaved queries
Product: UPPAAL Reporter: Gerd Behrmann <behrmann>
Component: GUIAssignee: Robert Olesen <egir>
Severity: enhancement    
Priority: P2    
Version: 3.5.7   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   

Description Gerd Behrmann 2003-06-26 14:27:54 CEST
When a new project is loaded or UPPAAL is closed, the user should be asked
whether he/she wants to save the current queries (in case they have not already
been saved). This currently happens for the model, but not for the queries.
Comment 1 Gerd Behrmann 2005-06-29 21:17:05 CEST
Moved enhancement request to 3.5.7, as only bug fixes are allowed in previous releases.
Comment 2 Gerd Behrmann 2005-08-25 16:27:43 CEST
Reassigning to Mads.

Mads, this is a serious usability problem and it would be great if you fix it.
Comment 3 Mads Schaarup Andersen 2005-09-28 14:10:30 CEST
Reassigned to robert
Comment 4 Robert Olesen 2005-10-19 13:23:33 CEST
This bug is active when a new query is opened or new queries are loaded.
Comment 5 Robert Olesen 2005-11-12 13:14:02 CET
The code for the requested functionality has now been submitted into CVS.