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Bug 160

Summary: XML model without certain sections cause GUI problems
Product: UPPAAL Reporter: Ferdy Hanssen <hanssen>
Component: GUIAssignee: Gerd Behrmann <behrmann>
Severity: minor    
Priority: P4    
Version: 3.5.6   
Hardware: PC   
OS: Linux   
Attachments: Model without global declaration section
Model without system section

Description Ferdy Hanssen 2005-06-13 14:06:51 CEST
When loading a Uppaal model in XML form where the global declaration section is
missing, Uppaal will load it, but Java will spit out a null pointer exception
when trying to edit the declarations.  Editing other textual parts of the model
afterwards does not work any more.

Missing local declaration sections are not a problem.  A missing instantiation
section is also not a problem.

A missing system section causes Uppaal to hang when loading the model.

The attached models can be used to show these problems.  These problems only
occur when using models modified by software other than Uppaal itself.
Comment 1 Ferdy Hanssen 2005-06-13 14:07:32 CEST
Created attachment 41 [details]
Model without global declaration section
Comment 2 Ferdy Hanssen 2005-06-13 14:07:52 CEST
Created attachment 42 [details]
Model without system section
Comment 3 Ferdy Hanssen 2005-06-13 14:25:25 CEST
I just noticed that the global declaration section is left out by Uppaal when
saving a model where the global declarations are empty (i.e., when the initial
comment is removed and the model is then saved).
Comment 4 Gerd Behrmann 2005-06-17 11:52:47 CEST
Confirmed. A fix will be checked into CVS later today.
Comment 5 Gerd Behrmann 2005-06-17 16:26:12 CEST
A fix for the problem with global declarations has been checked in (the declaration tag is optional, so of 
course the GUI should work even when it is not there).

The system tag is not optional (see the DTD), but I fixed the GUI such that it actually loads the file 
correctly anyway. I changed the server/verifyta such that an exception is thrown when the system tag is 

Resolving bug.